Thursday, May 24, 2007

summer is here, so what?

There are lots of reasons we're waiting for summer to come and among the most vivid ones is... vacations. We're very fond of travelling and the maine destinations still seems to be Europe. It's a fact, in summer Europe gets flooded with Americans.

Why are we so attracted by the Old World? Europe is still a mystery for us, combining the known and the unknown in major cities as well as in the countryside.

Italy, UK, France and the Vatican are among the traditional destinations and the main attractions for us with programs interesting for both unpretentious and sophisticated tourists.

We are getting more and more concerned with old cities' cultures, especially that of Italy and the chance to see the Pantheon and to taste the traditional Italian food - which is not spaghetty and meatballs by the way (find about it at Destination Italy )- as well as the opportunity to visit villages in Tuscany and Umbria all boost tickets booking by unbelievable rates.

Where are you going this summer? Europe is certainly the place to be! Forefathers of most of us come from te continent, so why not make a closer acquaintance with what it felt like for them?

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