Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Marriage a la mode?

I got two boy-friends, one is interesting to rub shoulders with and the other has a thick purse. It's such a dilemma to able to choose but the time has come for me to have my own family. Maybe somebody will help me with sound advice?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

more on vacations

Well, it's so great when someone has an opportunity to go abroad on summer vacations but imagine that for the lack of money or some other reason you cannot go...What's left for you to do and how else can you entertain yourself, stying in?

If you really enjoy travellimg then the answer is - a road trip. Just imagine a luring journey in the beauty spots of the American unique nature and maybe you will find it not so depressing that you have to stay.

I live in Georgia, thus I've often taken the Appalachian trail said of as the longest and best-known hiking trail in the country and it is really so! If you take a long walk through the north woods of Maine all the way south to Georgia, the scenic roads will take you through the almost continuous natural beauty, covering a wealth of fascianting towns and historic sites.

I like it that the Appalachian landscape is a place of contrasts. It coveres some of the wealthiest and at the same time most needy areas in the country and they often sit very close to one another.
An every communiry is now as dependent on tourism as they were on their land and resources...

Running through the continuous nature, with barely a city to be found, the appalachian Trail is certainly the place to fascinate you and leave you with a great desite to repeat the trip...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

summer is here, so what?

There are lots of reasons we're waiting for summer to come and among the most vivid ones is... vacations. We're very fond of travelling and the maine destinations still seems to be Europe. It's a fact, in summer Europe gets flooded with Americans.

Why are we so attracted by the Old World? Europe is still a mystery for us, combining the known and the unknown in major cities as well as in the countryside.

Italy, UK, France and the Vatican are among the traditional destinations and the main attractions for us with programs interesting for both unpretentious and sophisticated tourists.

We are getting more and more concerned with old cities' cultures, especially that of Italy and the chance to see the Pantheon and to taste the traditional Italian food - which is not spaghetty and meatballs by the way (find about it at Destination Italy )- as well as the opportunity to visit villages in Tuscany and Umbria all boost tickets booking by unbelievable rates.

Where are you going this summer? Europe is certainly the place to be! Forefathers of most of us come from te continent, so why not make a closer acquaintance with what it felt like for them?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit with Rewards

When I decided to to apply for credit card, I knew it should be the best one. So, I tried and was approved for American Express Blue sky credit card. I knew it very well that a reward credit card will bring most benefit for me and it didn't matter that it had a relatively high annual fee.
I just was very well credit educated and I realized that missing payments and carrying balances would reduce the advantages my amex gave me to zero.
So, what dod I do with my reward credit card? After about half a year of regular timely payments and putting nearly every item on the card, I managed to accumulate a number of points enough for a free ticket to New York! And what fun we had there with my friends!
Now, very soun advice for those looking to get a reward credit card. Mind it that credit card companies never do anything for free. Thus, you do pay for the privilege of enjoying credit card rewards through a high annual fee or other fees hidden in the fin print.
So, when tninking of such a credit card, make sure you really need it and you'll win with it but not lose.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

start spring with new hair style!

If you're a young woman, you, naturally want to look smart and to attract attention of just everyone around you. Today I'll tell you about hair styles which are more actual than ever as it's spring outside. Remember, ladies, the most important is to work with what you hair naturally does, adding a special appeal and designing your own style around it. do not be afraid to explore! Your hair grows and replaces itself so you can try a new shape, length and colour emphasizing your individuality. Use your hair to reveal your hidden beauty or add more expression to evident beauty and enjoy the spring to the full!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

more credit cards - more problems

Have you ever heard or experienced the so-called predatory policy of credit card issuers? If you have at lest once missed or delayed a payment on one of your credit cards, then very probably you have. What happens when you, maybe a good or even excellent credit card holder, forget about the basic rules of credit card management? Well, you most probably, like most Americans, use several credit cards at one time. and now imagine you miss a payment on one of them. the interest rate rises, it's natural. But you'll be shocked to know that the rates on all the other cards fly up, too! It would be very difficult to assume that you can pay them off at the moment and as you can't, you get into debt. Companies get you into debt in a forced manner! In short, they rob you. But, there's good news. As democrats and consumer communities are strongly agaist such an action and judge it as very unfair, all credit companies are reconsidering their policy. Now, however, if you want to apply for credit card and be sure in its stability, it's most likely to be Citibank credit card product as they claim their determination to go back on the predatory actions agaist their customerds.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

find a home you deserve

I dare bet that almost half of my blog readers belong to the category of people looking for some programs to purchase a home of their own or at least pursue the dream of owing home. I remember myself taking all those steps to qualify for a house and those were hard times, really. The hit-and-miss method of making a capital didn't bring any good and I started with insufficient credit history for such a big purchase.

When I lost hope already, my friends were just here to tell me of the Affordable Housing Group which gives the latest information and most adequate consultations on resolving issues connected with purchasing a home and maintaining it.

It was then that i learned about such a term as Affordable Housing and it helped me decide on what sort of housing I can actually count.

Affordable housing implies that you purchase a house which total cost is affordable to those living in it. How do you know that you can really bear all those expenses? Well, it is very clearly explained by the housing non-profit organization, the National Low Income Housing Coalition which also informes you about the most affordable and least affordable places in the USA.

According to their guideline, you can afford a house if its monthly maintainance cost does not exceed 30% of your gross income. Note that the cost is calculated with the inclusion of taxes and ensurance of the owner and utilities. From time to time though, the data may change and you need to consult the housing organization.

With these numbers in head, after defining the approximate cost of your future home, you can start out searching for it. To make the house search easier for me, the Affordable Housing Group outlined the places for me with more and less affordable houses and also explained what the cost of the house depends on.
So, if you're in search of a dwelling now, mind it that in places where the demand for affordable houses is higher than the supply, the prices can be constantly changing and sometimes the house become unaffordable allready. And it is vexing, isn't it?
Let's delve into economics to understand why it happens. You see, because of the ever growing demand and people's strong desire and determination to own their own home, land values are always increasing and faster than you income does. Sometimes housing marketers can even make the housing supply more expensive at places affordable to below the average income customers.

Thus, you can simply be too late for a house. Not to miss the opportunity, keep getting information from the housing group and aim at increasing your income. See to it that you have a good credit history.
And the last piece of advice from me. Be very certain about what exactly you want. Define your demand for a home drawing from the following:
the cost of the house
the type of the house
location of the house.

Well, I hope that you will benefit from this post and it will really help you in your choice and purchase of the house.

If you want to clear out some point on how it all happend with me, feel free to ask questions in your comments.

Good luck to you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

watch out!

There was a comment once to one of my posts about a young man who applied for student credit card at college and only about half a year after that checked his credit rating. Well, it's not a very good thing to do in fact and once you got yourself a credit card and started to pay for it, you should always see to it that the credit tracking information in your credit file is correct. Or you run a high risk of having your rating damaged due to some odd mistakes which not infrequently appear in your report. Imagine that your credit card number were stolen and someone were using it for making purchases. If you do not heck your credit file reqularly, you may find out about it when a great amount of debt is accumulated... Do you want to pay for someone else? No! For this, watch your credit file and you'll be in the driver seat.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

satisfaction from job - it's great...

Sometimes, when i think of my life and things that i've done, i find a strong desire to share my experience. That's partly the reason for creating the blog, btw. Well recently i began analyzing what i achieved and discovered that i'm utterly happy with my job - the job of designing homes... A couple of years ago, however, i worked as a financial consultant and i still take it sometimes as a part time job. But my real passion is designing. That's what i think is my mission and why i was concerned with financial matters is still mystery for me. I discovered gift for designing when helping my friend draw her future house. It was a pure accident but it brings great results and satifaction today...Now look into youself and ask honestly, is your current job really what you are best at? Maybe there's something else to look for, more satisfactory and profitable at the same time? Take your time and try to make a self discovery and share with us your revelation!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Treacherous Bank of America

Now, what do you say to the issuance of credit cards to illegal immigrants by Bank of America? Aren't you indignant with the bank for this maybe even anti national policy for the purpose of expanding its consumer market. My friends are at the moment cancelling their credit cards with the bank and so are lots of other credit card holders... What's your opinion of that? Should the bank allow illegals to flourish in our country and live here as though their forefathers fought for its independence?