Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get Ready for Christmas Gifts!

Some free cash would be a nice present at Christmas time, at least for me. It's something like you were walking down the street and found $100 put there speciallyfor you. If you'd like this to happen to you, try the Christmas Tree game below!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DSL Makes Life and Business Easier

I only recently signed up with a DSL provider and I admit it makes my business more mobile and productive. As my job involves communicating with customers from all over the glob, I subscribed to a Voice over IP telephony plan and now I can always stay in touch in case there are some changes and my client wants to get me to know of them asap. As my business grows, at least i'm thinking about it, I'll purchase a web conference plan, too. Its tools and services allow communicating with partners located in different places without having to meet them face-toface. Great, effective and highly productive and, what's most important - it's cheap.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Credit Report Matters

If you do not take care of regularly reviewing your credit report, it may cost you dear. These are just human beings behind the banks reporting your payment records and bureaus storing them, so they might make mistakes. Had I not ordered my annually free report last month I wouldn't have seen a couple of charges i had never made.
So, there are two options to consider. You can either track everything yourself and pay each time you pull your report for second or third time a year, or you can sign up for credit bureau services that'll take care of your credit activities.
With the latter, you neednt worry something goes wrong and you do not know of that. Any suspicious activity will be checked and reported to you. I'm thinking of signing up, especially as it is not that costly. Check it below:
credit report free

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tips on Healthy Food and Long Life

There is so much beautiful around us, it's such a pleasure to live.. Most of us find exeptional delight in food, there are people who live to eat actually (do not approve the habit personally). But with the modern food industry you never know when another cake, ice-cream or kola is going to kill you. GMO products are everywhere, they are even in your milk to prolong its freshness and in your apple to keep it hard and shining. Don't expect they'll spare your baby's health. All those purées and creames are also modified. Who thinks we will live long eating chemicals? And we do eat them, just take time to read hardly readable small letters of words saying about E-additives in your jar with beans.
What can an ordinary consumer do about it? Nothing special but reduce or give up eating all that is sold in vacuum packing or all that has suspiciously strong or fresh smell and unnaturally bright color. You'll think, there will be nothing to eat then. And you are right. Starting from this day, I'm going to work on saving my life and making it healthier. Perhaps, I'll lose some ten kgs but i'll add some 5 years to my life.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Insurance Deductible - Watch Out

When i was buying an insurance policy for my auto, I underestimated the importance of the deductible. A deductible is the amount you are to pay before the provider covers the rest of the insurance. In other words, it is the part of the policy that is not insured. Of course, in search of the lowest pricing, I chose to make a minimum deductible, and only then I found out that my premiums were just hefty. The thing is, the larger the deductible amount, the less premium you pay. My insurance company did not inform me about this rule, thiugh they should have. Now I understand how much i could be saving now, had I not been so frugal.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travel Safe

I've been to Europe on a business trip and vacation but each time I was in the plane I was scared to death.I never calm down because I'm afraid of a crash. My boyfried assures me a plane is perhaps the safest transport type I can go by. He offers me to compare it with the statistics of car crashes happening every minute all around the world. But even Boeing 747, a mosr reputable commercial air craft is known to have crashed.
I also watched the investigations of the crashes on TV and I know what may lead to a crash - a simple defect or a pilot's mistake. Who knows of the safest airline company? Or are we never guaranteed safety?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking for Credit Repair? Look here

Though I currently had good credit, it didn't come by itself. Behind are a couple of years of hard work of building and sometimes rebuilding credit rating.But back to those days, you could hardly find a reasonable deal on a plastic designed to rebuild one's poor scores. Today, companies and banks are willing to give problem credit customers favorable, easy manageable terms.
To be of some use to people looking for credit repair, I want to share a resource on bad credit cards which have some of the lowest interest rates and friendly fees to help them get back on their feet. Just look at what the cards offer and make sure that there is nothing better on the market at present.