Monday, May 26, 2008

Could Silent Hill Really Exist?

Yes, I saw this horrible picture and it had me thrilled. But until very recently I was convinced that the plot had nothing to do with reality and it was no more than a silly fantasy.
I've heard of a Russian town that existed somewhere in the 1930s and that disappeared by some majic way under the water. It was merely swallowed by the deep dark river washing its shored.
They say that the ghosts of the dead are still wandering above the water freezing the blood of the neighbouring settings..
So, could the plot such as that of Silent Hill really be based on something more than just a fairy-tale? I got seriously interested.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Privacy Questions Araised

I've heard of a future possibility to have Radio Frequency Identification tags implanted under a person's skin, and it made me think... Well I do not by any means deny that such chips in our credit cards do really protect our personal and credit data from being easily stolen... But why carry the chips transmitting you info right from inside your body?
Aren't we much more exposed to ID theft while walking down the street or standing in line at a store? You know about the existence and ease accessibility of special readers that can scan your data at a distance. I think such devices can find great application among criminals looking to use your info in fraudulent purposes.
If i ever am offered to carry such a chip under my skin, I would definitely refuse...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Does the Fed's Reform Lead to?

Credit card deals bring great revenues to credit companies regardless of the Fed's proposed rule on curbing the unfair credit pratices. The policy of lowering the prime rate and extending the type of collateral banks can use to borrow from the Fed is likely to lead to greater liquidity for the companies and no real relief for card holders.
So far, the interest rates on credit cards have remained the same but how then do banks collect more and more profits? Watch out for fees, folk. Maybe, that's where the trap is..
Also, do you know that you will be able to comment on the Fed's new rule on their website? I will. I want to change things for the better in the US credit card industry.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Put an End to Credit Slavery?

Don't want to sound disloyal but does credit slavery really exist? I would not believe that. Stop complaining about being forced into a life-time boundage to card issuing companies! It's we who actually agree to that of our own free will.
Why? Because we believe what they say and they do not always say the truth. What we need is just to think and most of the trouble will be gone without even having appeared on the horizon!
Now the Federal Reserve is designing a new legislation that supposedly will give us cardholders more rights and protections. Who says that there is no trap and everything is dimond-clear?
When we start thinking, we will protect ourselves without help from aside. Start thinking folks, do not let them throw dust in your eyes and credit will never harm you. That is my experience, that is my indestructible belief.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Music: a New Breakthrough

I made a discovery yesterday. Maybe, a bit late, but better than never. I came to love qualitatively new and higher level music style - heavy metal - and the love came to me with me hearing some of Metallica's old albums...
The sound and the lyrics impressed me so, that i'm looking breathlessly to a new album coming which is dated for October, 28. For the time being, my favorite composition from their album Reload is Memory Remains. Just killing with its energetic play and thoughtprovoking text...
Metallica made me forget about pop