Monday, May 5, 2008

Put an End to Credit Slavery?

Don't want to sound disloyal but does credit slavery really exist? I would not believe that. Stop complaining about being forced into a life-time boundage to card issuing companies! It's we who actually agree to that of our own free will.
Why? Because we believe what they say and they do not always say the truth. What we need is just to think and most of the trouble will be gone without even having appeared on the horizon!
Now the Federal Reserve is designing a new legislation that supposedly will give us cardholders more rights and protections. Who says that there is no trap and everything is dimond-clear?
When we start thinking, we will protect ourselves without help from aside. Start thinking folks, do not let them throw dust in your eyes and credit will never harm you. That is my experience, that is my indestructible belief.

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