Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Animal Mutants

Discovery channelis gonna kill me some day. Just recently they told us their fairy tales again, this time about the inevitavle mutation of animals under the influence of people.
In Russia they have already seen a cross of a dog and a wolf, and the creature is said to be extremely strong, cunning and completely unpredictabe.
Experimenting on rats has also shown that they can essily adopt human neurons and behave more agressively and even analyze untypical for them situations.
A speaking raven has been raised in a houshold.
What next? Do they speak the truth?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Credit Crisis Will Affect Each of Us

I don't know what to expect of my credit card company. Lots of my friends and colleagues have deals with Citibank and they are already experiencing hiking rates and tightening credit due to big losses the company incurred recently.
It is more than evident that the credit crisis will hurt not so much the banks as their customers - us. credit cards
If you want to know more about how things are going in the US economy and credit industry, read a comprehensive article on the current credit crisis and terrible news on the overall financial crisiswhich made me worry about my own financia future. I'll appreciate your thoughts

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Science and Mystery.

I watched Discovery Channel the other day and I lost sleep over what I saw there. they claimed that all things, apart from human beings and animals, had the power to influence our actions and mood and even change our lives, just like if they were alive!Every thing, they said, had its energetic field with all the information about it that has accumulated inside for years.
And this very code can have a certain effect on the owner of the thing. The older the thing, the more powerful it becomes!
Now, I cannot sleep as I'm afraid of the age-old clock still hanging on the wall after the death of my granny.
What mystery do they hide and what to expect? Who thnks it all is not worth while discussing?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Troublesome Christmas

When a credit card or its details are stolen, it is twice as hurtful if it happens during Christmas shopping season. And this Christmas criminals were especially active I guess. At least 3 of my acquaintances complained that their cards detailes were somehow used for fraudulent purchases online this Christmas and my cousin detected his MasterCard loss after shopping at a store.
Is christmas as happy as it should be for people who fell victims to credit card fraudsters? I guess no. Keep your credit card and details safe, especially at the rush time of Christmas.