Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-Files. More of a Love Story

I've seen almost all seasons of x-files and got accustomed to the air of mystery in their investigations. this time it was something different, not exactly what i expected to see and it disappointed me in a way.
However, the biggest truth about them remains - they are in deep and tender love with each other, no matter that their so very different characters prevent them from being together.
As there is nothing really new to me in this very story, I think Ive seen another manifestation of love and faith.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Credit Card for Travel

If you heard that the more credit cards you have, the more damage it does to your credit rating, use my example. The core thing is how you use all your credit cards. If you keep the lines open and pay each month, it does only good to your credit score.
I stick to this practice and it brings me profit. Just like now, I've found a new credit card application from Capital One which I cannot resist making. Reason? It's the best card for travelling as it does not charge foreign exchange fees. It's the only issuer I've seen so far that is so lenient in this question.
Why pay extra for goods,services and entertainment oversees when you could just pay the real price?
Smart cardholders, it's the question for you..))