Friday, June 27, 2008

My Account Dilemma

I've got an idea of making money work for me. Credit cards are ok for convenience only as i pay times more to card companies than i benefit from all this plastic. So, I hear a savings account could earn me good money. However, they say the same about checking accounts. Until now, I knew a distinct difference between these two and I'm at a loss as to which account will benefit me in the most.
I think I'll have to dig out before I go in for making any decision. Finances, you know, are a very tricky and dangerous thing in the hands of an ill-read inexperiences user.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tasty Food Is not Always Healthy Food

On my friend's advice I joined Cooking book club the other day. On looking through their literature offered by doctors and psychology specialists, I realized that my eating habits are actually far from being ideal.
There are so many secrets about healthy food and right cooking ,and I do regret that the majority of people dot not even guess about them.
For instance, did you know that it makes no difference whether you eat in the afternoon or just before going to sleep? The key thing is to consume no more calories than your daily limit and it does not matter if you take them in the day or at night. Interesting and contradicting to our habitual way of thinking...
Books are our value. Read more, learn more and you will live longer and happier life.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tomatoes? - No Way!

if you live in Texas, New Mexico,Kansas, Utah,Arizona or Colorado, forget about eating tomatoes! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported about a hundred of cases of salmonellosis illnes in these states, with many people hospitalized.
I know about eggs that may possibly carry the Salmonella bacteria (called Saint Paulthat)but tomatoes are something really curious...
I adore tomatoes... But i think there is something more than just unwashed hands holding tomatoes...