Monday, October 27, 2008

Tips on Healthy Food and Long Life

There is so much beautiful around us, it's such a pleasure to live.. Most of us find exeptional delight in food, there are people who live to eat actually (do not approve the habit personally). But with the modern food industry you never know when another cake, ice-cream or kola is going to kill you. GMO products are everywhere, they are even in your milk to prolong its freshness and in your apple to keep it hard and shining. Don't expect they'll spare your baby's health. All those purées and creames are also modified. Who thinks we will live long eating chemicals? And we do eat them, just take time to read hardly readable small letters of words saying about E-additives in your jar with beans.
What can an ordinary consumer do about it? Nothing special but reduce or give up eating all that is sold in vacuum packing or all that has suspiciously strong or fresh smell and unnaturally bright color. You'll think, there will be nothing to eat then. And you are right. Starting from this day, I'm going to work on saving my life and making it healthier. Perhaps, I'll lose some ten kgs but i'll add some 5 years to my life.

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