Sunday, May 27, 2007

more on vacations

Well, it's so great when someone has an opportunity to go abroad on summer vacations but imagine that for the lack of money or some other reason you cannot go...What's left for you to do and how else can you entertain yourself, stying in?

If you really enjoy travellimg then the answer is - a road trip. Just imagine a luring journey in the beauty spots of the American unique nature and maybe you will find it not so depressing that you have to stay.

I live in Georgia, thus I've often taken the Appalachian trail said of as the longest and best-known hiking trail in the country and it is really so! If you take a long walk through the north woods of Maine all the way south to Georgia, the scenic roads will take you through the almost continuous natural beauty, covering a wealth of fascianting towns and historic sites.

I like it that the Appalachian landscape is a place of contrasts. It coveres some of the wealthiest and at the same time most needy areas in the country and they often sit very close to one another.
An every communiry is now as dependent on tourism as they were on their land and resources...

Running through the continuous nature, with barely a city to be found, the appalachian Trail is certainly the place to fascinate you and leave you with a great desite to repeat the trip...

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