Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit with Rewards

When I decided to to apply for credit card, I knew it should be the best one. So, I tried and was approved for American Express Blue sky credit card. I knew it very well that a reward credit card will bring most benefit for me and it didn't matter that it had a relatively high annual fee.
I just was very well credit educated and I realized that missing payments and carrying balances would reduce the advantages my amex gave me to zero.
So, what dod I do with my reward credit card? After about half a year of regular timely payments and putting nearly every item on the card, I managed to accumulate a number of points enough for a free ticket to New York! And what fun we had there with my friends!
Now, very soun advice for those looking to get a reward credit card. Mind it that credit card companies never do anything for free. Thus, you do pay for the privilege of enjoying credit card rewards through a high annual fee or other fees hidden in the fin print.
So, when tninking of such a credit card, make sure you really need it and you'll win with it but not lose.

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