Thursday, May 3, 2007

satisfaction from job - it's great...

Sometimes, when i think of my life and things that i've done, i find a strong desire to share my experience. That's partly the reason for creating the blog, btw. Well recently i began analyzing what i achieved and discovered that i'm utterly happy with my job - the job of designing homes... A couple of years ago, however, i worked as a financial consultant and i still take it sometimes as a part time job. But my real passion is designing. That's what i think is my mission and why i was concerned with financial matters is still mystery for me. I discovered gift for designing when helping my friend draw her future house. It was a pure accident but it brings great results and satifaction today...Now look into youself and ask honestly, is your current job really what you are best at? Maybe there's something else to look for, more satisfactory and profitable at the same time? Take your time and try to make a self discovery and share with us your revelation!

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