Monday, March 24, 2008

Work on Repairing Credit

So, I have started out on recoviring from losses on my credit card and repairing my damaged credit. It is great that my company is meeting me halfway and agreed to reduce the rate so that I could come up with some of the charges I faild to prove to be not mine.
Sometimes, howver, it seems to me that credit companies do not mind you falling victim to credit card fraudsters as they see it another way to make revenues out of you...
I'd love to believe it is not so.


corey wood said...
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corey wood said...

it seems like, even though the credit card companies are updating their technology and getting more and more advanced, the ability to steal credit cards and make fraudulent credit card transactions gets easier and happens more frequently. i'm not sure that the "war on identity theft" will every be won, truthfully.