Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Ring

I was really impressed by the 2002 film "The Ring". I loved the play and the settings, especially I admired the Moesko Island Lighthouse. Lots of people who saw the film were misled by the lighthouse as they really believed there was such an island.
The truth is the lighthouse does exists but its called Yaquina Head Lighthouse and is located in Yaquina Bay in Oregon.
Probably the idea to use the lighthouse and the location as the setting in "The Ring" was prompted by a fine story about a goast of a workman who fell from the scaffolding and whose body couldn't be retrieved.
I also found on the internet the decsription of the characters and lives of Anna Morgan and her adopted daughter Samara, but was sorry to find that they were a fiction.
A very nice, blood freezing film and though old already, it still keeps me afraid of wells and long dark hair half hiding one's face...

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Dannis said...

this is the most horrifying film that i ever saw. They say the Japanese version, the original one, is even more blood freezing but since I watched the american film, i haven't dared see the original