Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Natural beauty is better?

I spent three days at home (incredible!)and what do you think I've been doing? Watching the box! Don't blame me for that, I haven't done this for ages))) Films, shows, series... not for me. What I watched was a channel for women and fashion channel - they kept me on the sofa for hours! I have no idea why: probably, I'm getting older)))
So.. the question that I'm thinking over is the following: is it better to stay natural or you should use all themodern inventions to improve your appearance as much as possible? Plastic surgery, tatoos, fake hair and lashes, acrylic nails... Many women choose to be artificially beautiful.
My mom has recently made tatoo make-up - a tatooist has done a make-up that lasts a year or so. She looks great and she doesn't have to make up every morning. She look natural, though, it is practically unnoticeable that she has some paint on her face.
In her case a little help from a cosmetician is OK.
But why do people try to change everything on their face just to look like Naomi or Demi? Why do they want to have green eyes instead of blue, why?
My personal point of view is that if God gave you attractive or just nice appearance, it is almost a sin to change it. If you really need improvement (your face distorted or you are bald), then, well, go and make it!
It is very interesting what any of you think about this? Share your opinions, please))

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Opra said...

We love other people not for their beauty but for their inner world. It seems to me that people forget about it