Friday, February 22, 2008

Credit Card Protection Issue

When I'm out of money - it makes me sad. No. It makes me desperate. I've lost all money from me credit card. Gues how? Im always careful about credit card spending, so my balance has been just ok.
But according to my bank respresentative, there is not a cent on the account now. It is all these damned ID thieves who hunt credit cards for personal information. I have a no swipe card, so I never lose it from sight. It is always in my hand during a transaction.
But they still know how to cheate you! Card readres. Beware of card readers that can possible help in the pocket of a thief. You will not even guess that they are scanning you plastic while it is resting in your purse!
Do not lose vigilance. Get yourself a protection sleeve to hold a credit card in. Remember that your credit card is not only a money keeper but your ID carrier as well.

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